legacy AQA resources

Hello everyone,

I have just been reminded that Northern Ireland, in their wisdom, refused to go linear when England and Wales did. Therefore some of the old legacy resources are more appropriate than the new updated resources for students and teachers in Northern Ireland and I have therefore re-linked them to the site.

I advise strongly against using these resources if you are taking A-level Chemistry anywhere other than Northern Ireland, as the legacy resources are not fully compatible with the new course.


Happy studying and teaching,



About mwalimuluke

Chemistry teacher based in Freetown
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1 Response to legacy AQA resources

  1. Judith Dennis says:

    I taught in Sierra Leone in 1977 ! Would have wanted to go back but never have because of the troubles. I lived in Blama near Kenema. Always wanted to return.
    Just thanks for your brilliant resouces. I’m retired now but still use them for some tuition work.

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