Welcome to the new academic year 2017/8

Hello teachers and students


Welcome to the new academic year 2017/8. I hope the year has started well.

Please be advised of the following changes to the site content this year:

  • The legacy AQA course will be removed as the specification is now invalid and all useful resources have been used to update the new AQA specification
  • The legacy OCR course will remain on the site as I will not be able to develop any resources for the new OCR course this year; students taking OCR A-level Chemistry can select the most useful resources from the legacy OCR course and the new AQA course
  • I have started to develop resources to cover the WASSCE Chemistry exam sat by students in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia (a similar exam is sat by students in Ghana); a new page will appear with these resources shortly

Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck with the year ahead.


About mwalimuluke

Chemistry teacher based in Freetown
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8 Responses to Welcome to the new academic year 2017/8

  1. helen says:

    Hi mwalimuluke,
    Please can I have some of the resources from the legacy aqa material you removed – I would’ve saved it all had I known!
    I still use your booklets of exam questions and I went to find the markscheme to atomic structure and its gone!
    Kind regards

  2. mwalimuluke says:

    I’ll put them up for a limited time, but I still cannot understand why you would rather use the legacy resources than the new ones…

    I’ll give some due warning when I do this.

  3. Sarah Chandler says:

    Hi mwalimuluke,

    Do you have a markscheme for the OCR A (legacy) Unit 1 Revision pack you have uploaded? Save me googling every answer to mark my daughter’s paper (I did try to post this question on the website but it wont let me for some reason.

    Many Thanks


  4. Mo-Bashir Idriss says:

    Glad to hear you have relocated to Sierra Leone, my country of birth. Because there is always a dire lack of access to educational resources both for teachers and students in my beloved part of the world, I have no doubt that you will make even more of an impact in West Africa than the one you are continuing to make over.
    Thanks for your dedication. Mo-Bash (private chemistry and biology tutor)

    • mwalimuluke says:

      Thanks for the message. After two years in Freetown I have now moved to Washington DC, but not before completing a set of resources for the West African Senior Secondary examination. I loved Sierra Leone and will miss it.

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