ideas for further resources welcome


I have now completed and published all of the resources I intend to make for the new AQA A-level Chemistry course, with the exception of one final set of practice papers using the 2017 legacy exams.

I am open to new suggestions for where next to focus my efforts. If you have any ideas for how best I can further assist Chemistry students and teachers, please let me know!

Best wishes




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23 Responses to ideas for further resources welcome

  1. Jack says:

    Firstly, thank you greatly for your work – I’m sure many students around the country are as grateful as I am!

    With regards to your practice papers, however, I was wondering:

    Do the numbers of each correspond to what years content is inside? e.g do the later practice papers (for say, paper 1) contain more recent content (in regards to year of publication)?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • mwalimuluke says:


      There is no intentional link between the paper number and the year. The low-numbered papers, as well as all the tests, homeworks and assessment points, use the questions available on exampro – so most questions from 2002 – 2006 and 2010 – 2015.

      The higher-numbered papers use questions missing from exampro which I had to copy and paste manually from pdf files; hence the different format. This includes all questions from 2007-9 plus various other missing and part-questions.

      P1PP17, P2PP14 and P3P13 use legacy 2016 questions.

  2. MissChem says:

    Thank you lots Sir.

    I was wondering if you’ll be making any resources for the OCR A-level spec. eventhoigh I am aware you no longer teach this please..?

    Thank you

    • mwalimuluke says:


      I am expecting this to be the most common request, and if it is, I will make this the priority for next year.

      • MissChem says:

        Thank you lots lots!
        Yes it would be greatly appreciated.
        I definitely will look forward to these 🙂

        Thank you,

        Have a restful evening.

    • abbie says:

      Hi! I have only just found your website recently and it looks like a very useful resource. I would also be grateful for resouces for OCR A.

      Thank you

  3. Alice says:

    Do the practice papers include questions on required practicals?
    What is your best advice on revising and preparing for questions on required practicals?

    • mwalimuluke says:

      It’s a good question and something which I was initially troubled by. However having read and filtered through every past paper question since 2002 I am satisfied that there is actually quite good coverage of the vast majority of the practicals.

      Having said that, as part of your revision strategy I would check you are familiar with the practical details of all 12 required practicals. I’ve included practical templates on the relevant topic pages.

  4. Ibrahim says:

    Firstly, thank you greatly for your work it fantastic what you’ve done.
    With regards to your practice papers, however, I was wondering:

    Why there are more past papers overall for AS-level compared to A-level. (with there being 25 for each paper)?

    Also are all the questions in the A-level papers dating back to 2002?

    • mwalimuluke says:


      Regarding the number of papers, there are 50 for AS and 44 for A-level but as the A-level papers are longer, there are actually more questions in the A-level Papers.

      Every question in the papers is from an AQA Past or Specimen Paper and every question since 2002 appears once unless it contains no content still examinable under the new specification.

  5. Mosh says:

    I think it would be great for future years to have a dedicated section for more challenging questions, in order to push their knowledge of chemistry beyond what is required; such that it will help students to fully understand concepts, and to improve their logical thinking.

  6. mwalimuluke says:


    This is duly noted – interesting idea, thanks for suggesting.

  7. Mona says:

    Hello Sir,
    Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to make these papers and the notes. They have been really useful.
    What are your thoughts on each of the papers 1,2 and 3 for the full A level exams that took place this year?. Is there a possibility for the grade boundaries to be as low as 50% for an A ?
    What are your predictions since the old spec had 80% for an A.
    Let us know thanks.

  8. hello i love the work you do with these notes, i was just wondering if you will be able to do note for the new Chemistry A level OCR A for assessment in 2017
    thank you

  9. Thank you so much! You’re a life saver! I can’t thank you enough!! xx

    Classes A to Z

  10. N.W says:

    I realy appreciate your work, thank you so much.
    I’m wondering if it would be enough to rely only on these papers for the final three exams, due to the fact that these questions were in aqa past papers. Or I have to do proper past papers?

    • mwalimuluke says:

      I would do the specimen papers, the 2017 papers and the AS 2016 papers, of course. But don’t bother with the other legacy papers. All relevant questions you will need are in these practice papers.

      • N.W says:

        How long should I spend on writing notes ( This year I am only doing chemistry year 1 and 2 at the same time, aiming to get an A. I am currently using your questions per topic to practice after revising each topic along side with chemrivse notes and safing your past paper to do them by March/April time) Is writing notes really important part, because it takes me ages, or I should understand the topic with chemrivse notes and focusing on practicing questions

      • mwalimuluke says:

        Writing notes is an important part of the learning process; keep your notes concise (a few pages per topic) and update them when you encounter a practice paper question containing information you didn’t realise you needed.

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