more practice papers for the new AQA A-level course


I’ve put up the final two open practice papers (P3PP11 and P3PP12) for Paper 3.

I’ll add P3PP13 as soon as cleared by AQA do so so.

I’m working on the remaining practice papers for Papers 1 and 2 and they will be released shortly.

Happy revising!


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Chemistry teacher based in Freetown
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10 Responses to more practice papers for the new AQA A-level course

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Luke,
    Thank you for all of the revision papers!
    Do you have any prediction on what the grade boundaries at A2 will be like from looking at the specimen papers ?

    • mwalimuluke says:

      Not really – ultimatalely there are a certain number of each grade which they are prepared to hand out, and the grade boundaries will be set based on how people perform on average.

      I can guarantee that they will be significantly higher than the AS-level 2016 papers though…

      • Ak says:

        Why is it that the grade boundaries are likely to be higher for the A Level compared to AS?

      • mwalimuluke says:

        Because most people who complete an A-level are committed to it (unlike at AS-level). This means they are better prepared and so the average marks are higher than at AS-level. The grade boundaries are based on the distribution of marks achieved on the paper.

  2. Lucy says:

    Hi Luke,
    Thank you so much for all your papers they have been so so useful!
    I have done all the papers so far on your website and I was wondering when you would make the other A2 papers accessible so I can plan my time before the exams.

  3. Mosh says:

    Hi Luke, what are the grade boundaries for the practice papers? Or is it just the standard 90% A*, 80% A, 70% B etc?

    Thanks Mosh

    • mwalimuluke says:


      There are no grade boundaries as these will be set after the exams have been sat and marked.

      This is a standard problem for students and teachers facing a new exam.

      Last year’s AS-level grade boundaries were very low; expect the A-level grade boundaries to be higher but still below the standardised 90%, 80%, 70%, especially at the top end.

      But essentially there is no way of assessing what grade you are working at; perhaps use the standardised grade boundaries and take them as a worst case scenario.

      • Mosh says:

        That seems okay, I’m only worried about paper 3, but your practice papers have given me a confidence boost and I’m scoring an average on 96% on the 9 papers I have completed from your website.

        I require an A* in chemistry to meet my offer for medicine in September this year, so fingers crossed and hoping that AQA aren’t too mean!!

        Thanks for your fantastic resources and your quick replies.

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