legacy AQA resources

Hello everyone,

I have just been reminded that Northern Ireland, in their wisdom, refused to go linear when England and Wales did. Therefore some of the old legacy resources are more appropriate than the new updated resources for students and teachers in Northern Ireland and I have therefore re-linked them to the site.

I advise strongly against using these resources if you are taking A-level Chemistry anywhere other than Northern Ireland, as the legacy resources are not fully compatible with the new course.


Happy studying and teaching,



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CONSULTATION – tests and assessment points for the AQA course

Dear teachers,

I have a dilemma. I am not teaching an A-level Chemistry class this year (for the first time in 20 years) as I have moved to Sierra Leone, which uses a different examination system.

In previous years I have always uploaded the tests and assessment points just after my students have sat them, to prevent cheating. The mark scheme is uploaded a week later. As I don’t have my own class anymore, I have no further need to do this. However I will continue to do so if it is helpful to teachers.

So here are the options:

  1. Upload all tests and assessments points, including mark schemes, at the start of the academic year
  2. Set a timetable for tests and assessment points and publish them over the year, with the mark scheme following one week later
  3. Do something else that I haven’t thought of

Please let me know which option you prefer by 5 pm on Sunday 24th September so I can make a final decision.





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Welcome to the new academic year 2017/8

Hello teachers and students


Welcome to the new academic year 2017/8. I hope the year has started well.

Please be advised of the following changes to the site content this year:

  • The legacy AQA course will be removed as the specification is now invalid and all useful resources have been used to update the new AQA specification
  • The legacy OCR course will remain on the site as I will not be able to develop any resources for the new OCR course this year; students taking OCR A-level Chemistry can select the most useful resources from the legacy OCR course and the new AQA course
  • I have started to develop resources to cover the WASSCE Chemistry exam sat by students in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia (a similar exam is sat by students in Ghana); a new page will appear with these resources shortly

Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck with the year ahead.


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ideas for further resources welcome


I have now completed and published all of the resources I intend to make for the new AQA A-level Chemistry course, with the exception of one final set of practice papers using the 2017 legacy exams.

I am open to new suggestions for where next to focus my efforts. If you have any ideas for how best I can further assist Chemistry students and teachers, please let me know!

Best wishes



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All AQA A-level Practice Papers now ready!


It’s taken me a long time but I’ve now completed and uploaded all the practice papers for the new AQA A-level course. In total there are 17 for Paper 1, 14 for Paper 2 and 15 for Paper 3.

In addition to the A-level practice papers, there are 50 AS-level practice papers (25 for Paper 1 and 25 for Paper 2), as well as 4 AS-level Assessment Point exams, 4 A-level Assessment Point exams, 20 Assessed Homeworks and 20 Topic Tests.

Every AQA past paper question since January 2002 containing content examinable under the new specification appears in one of these resources, with all non-examinable content removed. No structured question has been repeated unless it was also repeated by AQA.

Due to the lack of suitable multiple choice questions available, however,I was forced to repeat some of these.

If you complete and self-mark every one of these papers, noting your errors carefully and learning from them, then you really do deserve an A grade.

I wish you every success in your Summer 2017 exams.


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more practice papers for the new AQA A-level course


I’ve put up the final two open practice papers (P3PP11 and P3PP12) for Paper 3.

I’ll add P3PP13 as soon as cleared by AQA do so so.

I’m working on the remaining practice papers for Papers 1 and 2 and they will be released shortly.

Happy revising!

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A-level Practice Papers

Hello everyone

I hope that preparation for the first series of the new linear Chemistry A-level is going well.

I’ve now uploaded a number of practice papers for the new AQA A-level (nine for Paper 1, six for Paper 2 and ten for Paper 3) to help you prepare:

You also have two specimen papers for each paper, including the unreleased papers which your centres will have access to.

This should be plenty to work with for the time being. I will release several more practice papers shortly after Easter.

Happy revising!


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AS-level Practice Papers completed


Happy New Year and welcome back to http://www.a-levelchemistry.co.uk

The AS-level Practice Papers are now finished; and there are now 25 Practice Papers for Paper 1 and 25 for Paper 2 to test yourself against, and every single past paper question since 2002 has been included somewhere if it is still relevant to the new specification.

That’s lot of practice! If you are a 2nd year student I suggest you get started now and complete at least one of each paper per week to consolidate your AS-level work.

I’m now going to start preparing Practice Papers for the A-level course.


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AS-level Practice Papers


I’ve now published the first two of what will be several practice papers:

AS-level Assessment Points and Practice PapersĀ 

Several more will be uploaded over the course of the next few weeks.

Happy revising!


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New pages added: AQA A-level Topics 14 and 15


The resources for the final two topics of the course have now been added:

Topic 14 – Reactions of Period 3 Elements and their Oxides

Topic 15 – Transition Metals and Complex Ions

How have the additional specification points have been accommodated in each topic at A-level and how do they link to the Oxford textbook?

The tests and mark schemes for these topics will be uploaded in line with the revised assessment schedule.

Happy revising!

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